Unaddressed Mail Distribution

We will deliver several types of materials (leaflets, catalogs, newspapers, magazines, samples, brochures, unaddressed letters, envelopes and others) from the smallest formats to large catalogs.
We will get you directly to your customers – we will place your distribution materials directly in residents' homes within the pre-selected distribution plan, while we will fully adapt the size of the campaign to your needs (possibility of targeting from the smallest locations to the entire territory of Slovakia).
We will also arrange delivery directly to the addresses of your stores and establishments.
Communicate your offer of products or services, as well as all promotions and discounts, through non-addressed distribution. Reach out to new customers without unnecessary costs for purchasing a database or problems with processing personal data.

Client zone

  • Online ordering system
  • Map portal
  • Documents for the distribution conducted
  • Delivery report
  • Invoicing
  • Online claim system


  • Preparation of effective distribution plans.
  • Targeting different groups of people thanks to the possibility of using several types of socio-demographic data, such as age structure, population density, employment, purchasing power and creditworthiness.

Reliable control

The possibility of using two levels of delivery quality control:

  • joint inspection directly in the field - takes place with the participation of representatives of both parties by physically evaluating the delivery in the mailbox,
  • control via the ControlGO mobile application – all your employees and acquaintances can participate, and thanks to this application, they can check the delivery in their own inbox.

ControlGO application

  • monitoring and photo documentation of delivery via mobile device,
  • photo documentation of the delivery of advertising materials through the user base –Cromwell employees, your employees - as a client, employees of our other clients,
  • the essence consists in checking the personal mailbox of each application user,
  • results is a large number of measurements after each distribution wave...

Download the Control GO app

Benefits of non-addressed distribution services

Professional and stable team of employees with many years of experience.

High quality delivery.

The most modern geomarketing tools.

Delivery report.

Client zone.

Attractive and competitive price.

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