Direct marketing

In the field of direct marketing, we have the most experience in Slovakia and have been devoted to it since 1994. We have thousands of proposals, implemented campaigns and results behind us.

We see direct communication as a highly effective tool for building customer loyalty (retention) or acquiring it (acquisition).

Of course, the basis is the realization that keeping a customer is cheaper than acquiring one.

We are unique and individual. Even direct marketing communicates exactly like this - uniquely and individually. It allows each addressee to deliver a unique offer that takes into account their::

  • preferences (segmentation),
  • consumer history (loyalty and clubs),
  • the locality in which he lives (geomarketing).

What is our specialty:

As the only one in Slovakia, we control the entire life cycle - every part of marketing communication, which we provide ourselves, and therefore not only know, but also can choose the paths and methods of communication at the most suitable time for our client.

We are specialized in:

Strategy and creation of DM campaigns

Creating and setting basic principles, meaning and sequence of communication, setting goals

Online and mobile marketing

A fast and targeted communication tool that we have brought to near perfection in online communication through our unique SmartSMS system

Production of marketing shipments

Assessment of communication comprehensibility for client-created materials, design of marketing visuals, designs of formats, packaging methods and their implementation, regardless of whether it is few pieces or millions.

Data and data analytics

We create profiling and segmentation of subjects to find the most suitable target group. We work with our permanently updated data or analyze client data

Scanning, digitization, homologation, verification

of client data and structured archiving of physical media (e.g. applications with consents for communication, orders, etc.)


(call center) – active sale of products with an emphasis on Cross-Sell and Up-Sell

Loyalty clubs and programs

their designs and operation – scanning, digitization


Searching for locations with the highest potential for sales or development or evaluating the success of campaigns.

Organization of consumer competitions

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