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Cromwell company was founded in 1993 in Bratislava as a printing company focused on transactional printing. From its establishment until today, it has gone through several development stages until it has become one of the most modern printing and distribution centers in Central Europe, providing its clients with a complete professional service in the field of printing services.

In 2008, the Cromwell Group was created, providing comprehensive services in the field of hybrid mail, delivery, and direct marketing. After the decision of the European Commission and the halting of the re-monopolization of hybrid mail in October 2008, we began intensively fulfilling our strategic goals by building a modern alternative to classic printing and postal services in the hybrid mail regime, i.e. in the area of data processing and segmentation, in the area of printing, enveloping and subsequent distribution of shipments to addressees according to the supplied database.

Over the years, as a postal operator, we have worked our way up to the position of leader among registered postal service providers at the Postal Regulatory Office. We deliver to mailboxes of households in more than 1,800 municipalities throughout the Slovak Republic exclusively through our own distribution network.

In the field of technology, we have the most modern printing machines and not only that makes us the largest producer of postal items on the Czech and Slovak market.

Our services are mainly used by banks, telco operators and the utility segment.

Our added value is that we can ensure all communication for you comprehensively. Our CromwellDM division will design a direct marketing campaign concept for you and select a target group. Subsequently, thanks to the CromwellPrint division, we will print the campaign in our printers in the form of addressed mail or marketing documents, which we will deliver through our postal carriers throughout Slovakia or only in selected locations. Delivery is covered by the CromwellPost section. We can also provide the services of individual divisions separately.

Cromwell combines 3 divisions: CromwellPost, CromwellPrint and CromwellDM.

We employ more than 200 employees and more than 3,700 delivery workers. We have been operating on the market for 28 years, strengthening our position as a stable company.

Our numbers, summarized below, also reflect that.

Cromwell in numbers for 2023

printed documents
printed envelopes
addressed mail delivered
unaddressed mail delivered
3 700
delivery workers
96 %
household coverage in Slovakia
distribution centers in the largest cities
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